Optimizing my multiple GL.Inet devices

I currently have an MT300A running as a wireguard server at home. I use my AR300M as my travel router when vacationing with my family, and my wife and I use our phones with WG client when we don’t have the AR300M.

I just ordered the Beryl MT1300.

What’s the optimal (speed) configuration? Should Beryl replace the outdated MT300A and AR300M stay as the travel router? Or should AR300M replace the MT300A, and make Beryl my travel router?

My internet speed is symmetrical 1 gig service, so would love to maximize that.

Finally, is there any pricing on the Opal (GL-SFT1200)? Would that be a better fit?

Thanks as always Alfie and group, love your products!

When using as wireguard server, you can keep MT300A or AR300M because you do not use its wifi.

For travel, pls use a dual-band router, e.g. MT1300 or SFT1200

SFT1200 will be cost effective

Thanks. If I’m not feeling lazy, I’ll test out speed difference between the two as wireguard server.

Speeds of the mini routers are around 50-80. So for personal use maybe all OK.

What’s the realistic speed of using Brume in this scenario? If I left Brume at home as the wireguard server, and pair that with the Beryl for travel?