Package «Access Restrict» for MT300A


I need to control user access to the LAN and WiFi according to the current time.
However, there is no “luci-access-control” package in the MT300A repository OpenWRT.

What should I do?

According to this post, this package is not available in OpenWrt anymore. This has been in the default firmware v2.27.

You just need to go to luci->firewall and add one rule the edit it.

V2.27 for MT300A will put put in GL.iNet download center

I did not understand anything … Your advice means that I should return with a new firmware 2.264 to the old 2.27 ??? :scream:

@Odol It means that the similar functionality has already been added on LEDE1701, so the package is deprecated. If you have upgraded to v2.27 firmware, the similar functionality is available in luci->Network->Firewall->Traffic Rules. You can see this filed.
Given a name, click the button “Add and edit”, it will redirect to a configuration page which is your desire.

You totally embarrassed me. Could you please explain in detail what I should do?

Do you recommend abandoning firmware OpenWRT and switching to firmware LEDE?

Which firmware version do you use?

Firmware 2.264

try this firmware and it has what you need.

But this firmware is trial. Does it work reliably?

And is there restriction in the work of users on MAC addresses? (LAN and WiFi)

It is reliable. Just there is no way to keep old settings.

For mac address, yes, it is the same as old firmware.

Well, thank you. I’ll try lede-mt300a-2.27.bin