Package pyusb is 0.4.2-1

Hi there,

I am using GL-MIFI board, and I was wondering if you guys were planning to offer the possibility to install the last version of pyusb package, instead of the very old 0.4.2 version ?

My python can not work on your architecture because it was built on pyusb 1.x, and I am not able to find any resource on pyusb 0.4…2 to make it compatible…



is it only pyusb or the whole python version?

Just the pyusb package; the 0.4.x is very old and has been replaced by the 1.0 (

As they say in the documentation:

Until 0.4 version, PyUSB used to be a thin wrapper over libusb. With 1.0 version, things changed considerably. Now PyUSB is an API rich, backend neutral Python USB module easy to use.
The python version is ok for me.

Does install using pip automatically use the newest version?

opkg update

opkg install python python-pip libusb-1.0

pip install pyusb --pre

I think I have installed pyusb-1.0 successfully. But I don’t know how to verify and use it.

I cannot install pip since the space on the device is very limited. I have no more than 8mb available and it seems not to be enough.

To check if you have pyusb 1.0, just run the python interpreter and try an

import usb.core

If it is not throwing an error, it should be the 1.0.

How did you succeed to install pip with such a limited space ? I am using Gl-Mifi. Any suggestions ?

I am using AR300M which has 128MB nand flash. For MiFi you may need to add a SD card and use exroot.

I tried import usb.core and no error.