Performance and connection logger

Does the GLiNet router(s) [Slate/beryl] have a logger that logs the performance of the system - connection speeds and Cell info at a preset interval and have a file that users can access.

Well, there’s a System → Realtime Graphs for Local, Wireless, Traffic, Connections available if you install LuCI… aka Advanced Settings as found in GL’s GUI → System.

I must have seen a half dozen different ways to log/graph OpenWrt routers (which GL builds their GUI/interface upon). What are you looking to log: system load, wan/switch/vpn/eth/wifi clients?

Yeah, here we go:

Other aspects, like what domain names/web sites are requested (DNS requests) can be logged for both blocked, allowed IPs & domains, missing/bad domains, etc., through the current stable version of GL’s firmware, v. 4.2.1. That particular capability is by properly configuring dnscrypt-proxy2.

I log certain types of DNS to help detect if there’s any malware trying to escape out fr my network back onto the 'net.

I don’t know what you mean by ‘Cell info.’

cell info is my 5G connection - displays my RSRP / RSRQ / SINR

Oh, I see. I don’t use tethering so I wouldn’t know. I’m not sure something like that would be passed to OpenWrt unless you were able to get adb (assuming Android) to pull that info from a Linux desktop system before replicating that config over to the OpenWrt device.

The GL reps are pretty active in these forums; you could always make a feature request for such specific details to show in their nice GUI but at the end of the day this is OpenWrt Linux ‘under the hood’. The amount of capability & complexity is up to you… CPU/storage/RAM dependant of course (the Slate AX or Flint would be the best candidates for a hardware platform).

But to give you an idea about what’s possible, check out this thoroughly technical blog: