Permanently add GL-AR300M onto my network

I have the following standard setup.

Computer –>Switch(Cisco 10 port)—>Router(Draytek 4 port)

  • Router ( supplies DHCP,
  • Switch (
  • Computer (
What I'm looking to do is the following

Add the GL-AR300m to both the switch and the router on a separate VLAN (

This way I’m hoping that any computer on the second VLAN (IP address range) will then automatically be going through the VPN.

Whats happening is that I’m getting really confused with my DHCP’s or if everything should be set to static addresses on the router of the GL-AR300m.

I have connected up as described above, with a Satellite box on the VPN subnet, If I telnet into the box I can ping both and, but when using chromiumOs it is having issues resolving domain names so not sure if I have screwed up the DNS information somewhere

Any help would be appreciated.