Persistent storage

I got a GL-X750 (spitz) a month ago and set-up a lot of stuff via the cli, such as scripts to test bandwidth and so forth. The I updated the firmware and it’s all gone. :frowning: Is there any portion of the filesystem that gets persisted across updates? E.g. where are the settings saved?

There are two volumes on the flash device (ubinfo -a)

The firmware image is expanded to first volume. This is mounted as the under filesystem in /rom

The 2nd volume is an overlay filesystem where your settings and scripts and things go mounted to /overlay.

The result of the two filesystems is / - with any file that is present in /overlay taking ‘precedence’ to anything on /rom - because its an overlay

When you updated you did not check the box to save settings (which would save your overlay) and the directories were deleted.

You can configure which file do you want to save in Luci. Then upgrade with ticked “keep settings”.

Hmmm… I don’t remember for sure, but I believe I used the Gl.Inet control panel to upgrade and it doesn’t have little checkbox. I’ll use Luci the next time.

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LOL, operator error then :joy:

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Can you add one more arrow, i still didn’t see it in the screenshot :joy:

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