Phone apps can't see a directory on the GLI-AR300M even though WLAN file sharing is enabled

Good day, new to the forums.

I used rclone to mount a Box drive on my GLI-AR300M.

The Box folder is mounted as /mnt/box, via rclone.

If I SSH into the router from my laptop, rclone lsl shows the files in /mnt/box as expected. The Linux permissions on the folder show that it’s readable by everyone.

I have WLAN file sharing enabled.

Some of my phone’s apps can see the router as a SMB network location. But if I browse that folder from the apps, nothing shows up.

Do I need to mount the folder at the root of the router’s directory tree (as /box, for example)?

Are you installing rclone on the router? It is a sync program, not a mount program.

Can you give a little more detail of what you want to achieve?