Ping Reply GL-AR300

How do you set the GL-AR300 router to not accept pings ? I have tried to in Luci in Network- Firewall but it still accepts them ? Much appreciated.

The default firewall configuration is as strong as it gets. Disabling PING will not make your system safer.

In addition, disabling ping may even will hurt your speeds in case your ISP uses ping for network optimization (latency testing).

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How - GRC | ShieldsUP! — Internet Vulnerability Profiling  
I dont wat to pull the firewall down, I just dont want to be discoverable on the internet. This is the reason sites like Shodan exist in the first place. It is a simple functionality that every commercial router has So why is this such a big deal to accomplish ? I have no idea what you are talking about putting wan to green and reboot Sheesh another report should be sent me thinks at this rate I never realised it was so toxic in here. Thanks for the help hey

I didn’t even click on send but yes I wanted to show you the great subreddit /r/iamverysmart, but like everything else, you probably knew right? Great that my post was apparently there without me sending it?

If I knew everything I wouldnt be asking the question of how to turn ping off in the first place. And If you never clicked Send you are on a journey of your own with a ghost in the machine or maybe someone else is controlling your PC I dont know, maybe you are just forgetfull or just a plain lier that wouldnt be the first time on the internet would it. As you said Bye have fun.

Ofcourse it does, have you ever done any network hacking ping is the first knock at the door that is why there are services out there that let you check for this, I am not here for opinion anyway. I want to know how to disable it ? As the menu that I described before has a tick box that didnt work So how does one disable it ?

you’r talking about security like a pro but you aren’t even able to block a ping on your own router, that by the way it’s a plain linux machine, where usually hackers do they’r stuff :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

cheers, have fun all i’m, gone

No not all at my dear friend Who nees to be an expert when sites like showdan are around and script kiddys. I just thought you were all the experts but none of you can tell me how to do this simple task … and I have blocked pings on my initial router it is just this firmware that says allow ping and when disabled it still allows ping ? …So If you are the experts that feel the need to come at someone for asking for help in the first place then I would like to know why please I am all ears My only thought is because you too do not know either and that would be fine but no one even has the common decency among you to just say sorry we cant do that or this is how you do it ? No one knows everything and the person that professes to do so is the biggest fool of all a wise man once said. So back to the question How to disable ping on the GL-AR300 please ?

ok let’s start over… please post your firewall config cat /etc/config/firewall in preformatted text.

As I said I am no expert.

luci → network → firewall → traffic rules → untick allow ping, save and apply, maybe even reboot. if it does not work re enable that rule and change from accept to drop, save and apply, maybe even reboot.

i usually don’t use gui so post some screenshot if you can’t find it.

edit: also check if is both ipv4 and ipv6 rule, i really don’t recall

He wants to call people idiots on the forum and not listen to reason?
I will close this now. He can google the info he needs.

And mike drop:

sudo nmap -T5 -sS -P0 host:ip will give me all your ports on the router, ping does nothing for hacking.