Plans to update to OpenVPN 2.4.0?

Can we expect the OpenVPN client to be updated to 2.4.0 any time soon? It does seem to be a big change from 2.3.x but there are some great security features (–tls-crypt and AEAD (GCM) ciphers).


I have done this. 2.4.0 also work in one-time token verification.

But to upgrade all the firmware, I need to include a bunches of features of bugs then compile the whole firmware and repo, which takes time.

Hi Alzhao.

Sorry to hijack the thread, but would it be possible to re-write the firmware so we can access the VPN in Luci as well as the GLi UI?
Everything else seems to be dual purpose where the settings applied in the GLui are accessable in Luci and vice-versa. But for some reason the OpenVPN settings are isolated to GL.


@ Alzhao - Great! Thank you! I look forward to seeing it on my AR300M.

@Glitch, I was thinking about that. The problem is that Luci using UCI to manage ovpns and we don’t want to do that. Because users generally have a ovpn file or zip file which contains a lot of ovpn files. Few of them will break down the info from ovpn file and input one by one. Actually few people can understand what is in the ovpn file.

But this is need to manage each items in the ovpn file for advanced users. We want to have a different approach rather than using UCI. We may use a parser to get inform from ovpn so that you can manage but without using UCI.



Any update on a ETA for this firmware? If it’s in beta stage I’d be happy to give it a try on my AR300M.

A bump to this… Is the updated firmware in the works that includes a more recent OpenVPN?



Yes, if you don’t mind buggy firmware, I will send out for testing next week.

@ alzhao - I’ll give it a test!

@alzhao - also would love to test, look forward to it.

Have a try.