Pleasant Experience so far

I have to admit that my experience has been very good. I haven’t been able to travel much with the device (lately) but I replaced my home router with the SlateAX and it’s been very stable. I’ve setup my normal monitoring tools, such as Prometheus and Collectd to check on the router. I’m really impressed with the device so far. Great job :+1:


I used it for three days in repeater mode in a hotel that I used to think didn’t have good WiFi; not only did the connection stay up for all three days (i.e., when/if it roamed between APs, it didn’t reset any LAN-side connections, which I swear would happen on my 750S) but it was far faster than I’d remembered; while it could be a co-incidence they’ve upgraded their internet, I believe it’s also the SlateAX.


I’ve been using mine for 2 weeks now in repeater mode only. ZERO down time. :+1: