Please ask how to share lan to ps5 by tethering from iphone using mt3000

Hi i newbie . I want to share the network from router gl mt3000 to lan network to plug in my ps5. The main network source on the router is tethering from my iphone. Please ask how to set up to get lan network. thank you everyone. sorry because my English is not good

I don’t know if I got this correctly but … just connect it and it should work.
Or maybe I don’t understand your issue?

Please ask me if I should plug it in from the wan or lan socket Thank bro

Go to the GL GUI and change WAN to LAN (like here: Change WAN to LAN - GL.iNet Router Docs 3 ) - then you can use WAN port like it’s a LAN port.

Thank you have a nice day

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Did it work and you can use the PS5 now?
If yes, please mark my answer as the solution.

I will try it tomorrow If it is correct, please mark your answer

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