Please continue to also provide devices without WiFi

Let me start with expressing that I really like your devices, mainly because the firmware provides a very good mixture of the open and configurable openwrt base and a easy to use firmware UI on top (to an extent that I wonder why not more companies go this way…).

Personally I own the Brume 2 (without wifi) and several other gl.inet routers, some of which I use with WiFi turned off, as I do try to avoid wireless when possible.

I know that there is much demand for wifi routers and I just want to say that there is at least some market space for non wifi devices.

Possible reasons:

  • preferring cable for stability and speed reasons.
  • avoiding wireless signal for health reasons
  • setting up wireless with a separate device in an optimized position different from the router
  • avoiding the specific problem that an active USB3 port may interfere with wifi

Personally I’d like to have a complete non wifi option when choosing a device (alternatively also a hardware switch to completely deactivate wifi would be interesting).


No. please don’t. Just look at all these people buying the Brume and then asking for it to support various WiFi dongles. If you don’t want WiFi, then just turn it off for god’s sake.


JFC. Let me guess: #JetFuelCantMeltSteelBeams, aimirite?

Yeah, I echo that. You don’t want Wi-Fi you say? Then turn off the radios. GL GUI → Wireless → {5/2.4GHz} → Off. Done.


Coming back to this issue to state I am still interested in WiFi less routers, especially with capable ethernet ports with 1Gbps or 2,5Gbps as they are becoming the fiber internet norm (at least around here).

And yes, I am aware about and do use the option to turn off WiFi when not wanted. Here I am not talking about usage as travel router but as a fixed internet router.


Product without wifi is not a bad idea and we will continue to do that, I think. But no promises.


Both my Flint and Flint2 routers I never used wifi…WiFi is off on both. I would have preferred to have a Flint2 without WiFi option…I never considered the Brume 2 as it was underpowered CPU-wise for using as a main router AND using it as a Wireguard client. That said I can live with just turning wifi OFF as I have done so on all my routers for at least 10 years now (Ethernet is the only way to go if you want FULL network performance).


Yes. The specs of the Flints are excellent, but it just looks ugly to me. Aesthetics and compactness are also important for me, coming directly after fulfilling required hardware functionality and openness of the software.
If I had to choose a Gigabit-Router now, I’d propably go for the prelaunched Marble (without the frame), unless I’d find a comparable device without WiFi on the market.