Please Explain Different Firmwares (another time)

I see same download page for firmwares and there is no explanation of these different firmwares.

The GUI for GL-inet firmware does not tell me my version so I don’t know what is newer.

What is nand? What is ubi? Why does both exists?

Really what is this nand? How I can check my firmware that is working and see if it is nand or sometihng? This is very confusing.

From this page GL.iNet download center and find the firmware of your model.

You can find the firmware version at web Admin Panel, it is at the left side of web Admin Panel → UPGRADE

Yes and this page has nothings about explanations. I am ask for explanations please. Some page that is not just file list but explanations please.

Visit, click the folder for your router, click the README.txt - this will show the details. Eg, for MT300N-V2


One thing is @Johnex saying “You can download the latest testing firmware for your router, the 3.100 versions. They have TOR included out of the box now.” If this is the truth it must also be truth that this informations can not be correct: “We don’t maintain Tor firmware any more. If someone wants to use Tor VPN, please refer to the guide. Tor - GL.iNet Docs

Another thing is WHY SO CONFUSING? Readme.txt is very good! But the “release_notes” page has no release notes and has not the same informations in Readme.txt. Look: GL.iNet download center

Why so confusing? Why two pages? Why two pages have different informations?


Here is the best example: GL.iNet download center

You can see explanations of what is each file? Three firmwares, no explanations. I must download, install one, then two, then three? It’s a little crazy I think. I hope you can understand how crazy it is.