Please Explain Different Firmwares

It is so difficult knowing what is firmware for what. I was use firmware for 300a that have tor and custom gui and also luci. I like this! But when I upgrade now I only have luci.

Also many different numbers like 1 and 2.264 and I don’t know if one will brick the router.

Please give “readme” in each directory. For me most important is this now:

But it is very nice to have small explanation for each one please in future?

Here is the docs about tor and the firmware version

This does not explain nothing. What is “Version 2.264?” Tor is at version So how can I compare 2.264 to 1.4 if versions are not clear? Also it does not explain what this firmware looks like. What GUI? Is there a gui?

You do amazing work on firmware. I only want to have a way to know what the firmware is.

@ponzi1 The versions on the file are the GL firmware version, like you saw " 2.264". Yes the 1.4 is unclear what it is.

@alzhao There are 3 files in Tor - GL.iNet Docs, but no readme on what they are.

Before 2.264, tor firmware has its own firmware version. tor firmware version was consistent with our standard firmware since 2.264.

“Cloud” version looks like without description about what it does “cloud” mean on gl.iNet router, p.e.:

Cloud as in remotely controlled from the web. New system, not ready yet :smiley:

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@kyson-lok I don’t understand what this means? “consistent with our standard firmware”? This is why a readme is good. What is “standard firmware”? What is the version scheme?

And where is the log so I know what goes into each one of these files: Tor - GL.iNet Docs What version of tor what version of openwrt?

I love this project but there is so very much information that many many times I am very confused.

standard firmware is the stock firmware.

v2.264, 1.4, 1.1 is our firmware version. It has nothing related to Tor’s version.

v1.4 added the switch button to control Tor.
v2.264 upgrade openwrt version and compiled all the soft repo so that you can install using opkg.

All firmware has the same UI as in the docs.

What the different of::

  • AR750(white), gl-ar750-3.003-0926.bin
  • gl-ar750-3.002-1011_cloud.bin

For some other gli router are available 3.00x-1011 as non cloude version. Should i use the gl-ar750-3.002-1011_cloud.bin as newer, with more fixed bugs the * AR750(white), gl-ar750-3.003-0926.bin ? Does the cloud version have additional menue item or is the different of boot not visuell ?

In the meantime I am completely lost in versions. I just bricked my AR300M - obviously with a wrong firmware - f…k.
Which are the latest v3 firmwares for my

  • AR750
  • AR300M
    Thank you.

The latest firmware for the AR300M is 2.27, or you can try the beta 3.003 build 0929.

Can you please send the exactly correct link to the right versions for my AR300M and AR750?
There is a confusing number of different versions! E.g. several 3.003-0929 in different folders. Thanks a lot.

AR300M testing firmware.

AR750 testing firmware.

It’s our official testing firmware.

It’s a firmware with a cloud management platform. It won’t be a stock firmware.

Perfect, thank you:

  • I bought a brand new AR300M
  • I did not configure anything but
  • updated the router with the firmware you specified for the AR300M
    => BRICKED!!

Sorry, I‘m really pi…ed!!! Please advice.

Please check the follow description for DEBRICK: Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs

I agree, it is confusing. There should be a complete description of all the files in the download folder for each router model.

There is a description of all folder. For tor firmware, we don’t maintain any more. If you have any doubt about firmware version, pelase refer to Tor - GL.iNet Docs