Please Explain These Files

What is this file? I do not want download, install, try before I know:


And what are these files saying “v1”? I do not want download, install, try before I know:

And what are these files saying “testing”: javascript:listObjects(‘firmware/ar750/testing/’)

Oh I have an idea! Maybe if GL does same thing every other person who has files on internet does, and they have explanations for files, then I do not have to ask these questions and take weeks to do one night of working.

This post was flagged but it should not be so. I did not say anything wiht bad language. I only say that GL is not peforming same acceptable responsibilities as every other company since beginning of internet. This is true. There are no explanations for firmwares.

It might help you to read the readme files, starting with root/firmware/readme.txt.

The GL files are not opensource, and so you can’t follow each commit. But this is a lot more transparency than I as a user expect and I’m grateful to them.

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No it does not help, I already do this. Please explain these files because there is no explanation for the firmwares, and the readme has different information than normal “what is this” question. Thank you.

This has a lot less transparency than I as a user expect if transparency means explanations. I am not asking for commit information. Just a simple explanations like every other file in the entire world has on the internet. Just normal. “This file does ______”

For your level of expertise, it would be wise to stick with release versions of the firmware!
I do not even own a 750 but it took me seconds to find the explanation for “V1”:
GL.iNet download center (see readme.txt).


For your level of expertise,

What does this mean? I am professional network engineer and I teach computer science at university. If you can not answer the question do not post anything, okay? Seriously I ask for explanation of files and you talk other things, do not give explanations, try to demean my expertise. Go away.

OK, your specific questions, answered in the file I pointed you to.

“v1”/“release”: v1 or release folder contains the main official firmware for that model.

“testing”: testing folder contains a release candidate firmware, it is pre-release stage. It will update regularly when some new features added or security bug fixed. The next release firmware will derive from it.

This is not an answer. It is not necessary to write something if you do not have an answer. Here is a tip. If it is already in the files, then it is not the answer. Because obviously I read the files already. I want normal answer that a technical person wants. Not this thing that is not an answer.

Sorry I couldn’t help you.

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It is okay, thank you for trying, but it is always better not to say anything if you do not know the answer.

This is a part of the explanations that should be next to each file or in the directory. It is not acceptable that this explanation does not exist in every “testing” folder. I am supposed that I will remember this now in 6 months? No, I will have to ask again because there does not exist any explanations of firmwares.

I think our program must stop using GL. Maybe just use raspberry pi. It does require more learning but GL take too much time asking simple questions and not receiving any result.