Please help to block nordvpn, thanks


i already setup a network that blocked youtube and other rubbish websites which i wasted my life on.

but a friend share his nordvpn with me.
vpn could be useful e.g. great firewall or other political reasons so i accept his offer.

now sometimes i use nordvpn to overcome
the de-youtube network.

the de-youtube network is complex i am not discussing here, it consist of timed plugs.

the ONLY question i wanna ask is how can i
block nordvpn android app or openvpn client in win10.
ps the connection is internet to brumew to tplink to phone/pc.

thank you

please help!

if the nordvpn is solely by me,
i will enable 2fa using yubikey and lock it away,
or use a 20 digit random password. but my friend
seems want me waste my time instead. thankyou.

You can try blocking all the VPN ports, including for NordVPN, via LuCI → Firewall → Traffic Rules:

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it’s hard for me a layman to block the ports.

however, i got a solution now.
for nordvpn:

the android app sign in need access to or,

the desktop win10 need go to to obtain the tcp config file or the nordvpn.exe

so i blocked these 2 in the tplink, and also use adblock for brumew.

now i am more free from internet addiction.



Great solution. Congrats!