Please submit patch or backport to add AR150 to openwrt CC

I want to run a future special image of openwrt CC ( 15.05 ) on AR150.

The maintainers of that special image prefer that a backport or patch to support AR150 is submitted to openwrt CC.

I will be glad if you can find the time to do this.

Well, I meant “submit a patch that is accepted”.

And could you please expand the patch so that a factory image is built too, not only a sysupgrade image.

Because the recommened way for this special image is to always start with flashing a factory image and only use sysupgrades for newer version of the the special image.

@buch8, we submitted a patch to trunk and CC1505, but the developers only accept patches for trunk, not patch for CC1505. We don’t know who is in charge of this and who can want to do it. We do see that for CC1505, new target patches are added.

If you need CC1505, please use our patched repo, GitHub - domino-team/openwrt-cc: openwrt CC with Domino/GL patches

You can also try to patch your own CC1505 tree using this patch, openwrt-cc/000-gl-ar150-cc.patch at master · domino-team/openwrt-cc · GitHub, although I am not sure if this will apply due to your CC1505 codes is newer.


Also there is no factory image, only sysupgrade image, because it is already openwrt and no “factory” image is needed.

From SubmittingPatches – OpenWrt
Don’t get discouraged. Re-submit

Yes, it’s sad that AR150 didn’t make it to 15.05.1 and yes, I could use your patch and I have already done so and built my own image of the special image but I wouldn’t give AR150 with this to other people and AR150 will still not be on the supported devices list of the special image.

Well, most if not all other devices have a factory image. It is difficult to argue for a special handling just for AR150.

I fully understand if you don’t want to do the extra work which will probably be only thanked by a couple of devices sold more.

For the factory image, it is only for tplink devices etc. As those are not needed (what are they used for?), so we cannot call it “special handling”.

Actually “Re-submit” means, if people ignored or patches don’t work, you can try to re-submit.

Now the problem we are facing is, the openwrt develoers don’t want to do this. We asked several times. It is not me who don’t want to do extra work.

What do you mean by “we asked”? Maybe that is the problem, you should not ask but just submit a patch.

According to OpenWrt development - Patchwork

you have experience in submitting patches. There is no backport patch for CC in this list. Maybe the list is not complete. Did you or one of your developers submit a backport patch for CC?


I’m considering the AR150 for a custom product I’m building (I’ll need dozens of routers) and it would be really great if it was supported in CC rather than just in trunk.

Just to add my “me too” request for a CC backport

OK, thing was like this:

we submitted AR150 patch for CC, and get a reply that we need to submit to trunk. Then we asked if they will backport to CC, they told me that they don’t know if who will do that.

Someone else submit again AR150 patch to CC later, but never get accepted.

Anyway, we will resubmit to CC1505.1 to see if we will have some luck. If anyone of your knows openwrt developers, please also drop a message.

Yes, I found that remark now in the archives. Part for that statement may be that of course they won’t do the work for you. You have to submit a backport patch. One could also read it as they might refuse a patch but you should force them to give a reason then.

The patch by someone else was for multiple devices and you know now that they don’t like this.

I would create a patch against the latest commit of

The subject line should be like

[PATCH] [CC] [backport] ar71xx: add GL-AR150 support

and the content should refer the commit in trunk like “Backport of changeset 47620” or someting like that.

Yes, I studied how patches are submitted to OpenWrt and learned quite a bit about git this weekend. Good luck to you.

Hi alzhao,

Do you have an estimate as to when you’re going to resubmit the patches?

On another subject, can you provide me a contact for quantity purchase, customization possibilities and custom firmware preloading?

@jbarros, sorry I was too busy to resubmit the patches. I am trying to do it now.

For business things, please email us directly: service @

I submited backport patches of AR150, AR300, Domino Pi, MT300A, MT300N and MT750. Let’s wait and see if we have lucks!

Thanks for trying! Let’s hope the LEDE fork doesn’t delay things unduly.

I submitted your earlier patch to the special image I mentioned and was told to have a look at tabulator use. If you need to do a v2 of your patches you may have a look at tabulator use in the files you add things to. You may also be a bit more consistent in you own files so “git apply” wont give warnings.

Seems OpenWrt community is having trouble now and there is no hope the patches will be applied soon.

About the patch, should I use tabs or spaces?

Forgive my ignorance please, but why can’t we apply the patch to a local copy of CC ourselves? I’m still trying to understand the limitations of developing like this. Having exchanged patches with others, I feel I’ve got to be missing something here.

Well let’s hope someone starts committing patches for CC again next week.

I think you should use tabs when you insert lines into an existing file and the surrounding lines in that file use tabs. If the surrounding lines use spaces you use spaces too.

I was surprised myself because I’m a no-tabs-at-all guy. :wink:

Applying locally is not a problem. You can also use our patched git here: GitHub - domino-team/openwrt-cc: openwrt CC with Domino/GL patches

But, people always want a easier solution, i.e. everything in the official release.

@buch8, thanks for the advise. I will pay attention to the tab.

@<span style=“color: #eb4b00; font-family: source_sans_proregular, ‘Helvetica Neue’, Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif; font-weight: bold; line-height: 22px; background-color: #f9f9f9;”>alzhao</span>

Thanks for clearing that up. I understand new hardware is simply going to take time to get into an official release and back ports are unlikely. I can see you understand as you’ve set your own git. :wink:


Is there some reason a local patch on a checkout of Chaos Calmer or a patched repository won’t work for you? You seem like you’ve been in the trench for a while so I’m interested in why these aren’t good options. I share your concerns about LEDE and the already overtaxed OpenWRT committers. This is likely to get interesting, but perhaps it will lead to change for the better.