Port forward from WAN to LAN not working

Hi I have tried this with both an AR150 and also with the Mango device i just received, but to no avail … maybe someone can help me!?


I have the AR150 connected to a switch in my local 192.168.1.X network, i would like to access a webpage on (a smarthome device with a webinterface on port 80).

so i updated to the newest firmware (3.005) and added a port forward as follows

internal ip:
external port: 8080
internal port: 80
protocol: tcp/udp
status: enabled

i also tried to add the port at “open ports at router” but this didn’t change a thing.

so when i am on my laptop with ip adress and want to connect to this should forward to but unfortunately i do not get any connection…
within the 192.168.8.X network it obviously works

if anyone has a hint, i am stuck! thanks


you don’t need to open ports on router, just need to set up port forward.

I didn’t see any other thing wrong.