Possibility to use a fully functional OpenWRT?

Hi, I normally use a WRT1900ACS for my network, and I am very happy to have all the features on there working without any issues.

I thought that GL-MT1300 will work even better since the manufacturer is using OpenWRT as stock firmware.

Unfortunately it seems very buggy so far.

I understand that its probably not an easy job to build a router and provide all the features that OpenWRT provides, and that you have a target group to make your business succeed. Which I guess, is less technical people who wants security in an easy way.

I just want to know if you think it is possible that you will get OpenWRT running as smoothly as i does on the WRT1900ACS?

So far I have problems with at leas the following features:

  • Wifi repeating shuts off the device when scanning in your UI
  • Wifi UI in Luci doesn’t make sence I have 2 b/g/n devices and if I want to create a device I can only give it WEP security
  • If I want to SSH into the device I get error - no matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-rsa - and I can’t successfully change the ssh settings.
  • Why do you only offer rsa and not ed25519?

I would be nice if you could spend some time making your hardware work 100% with the the stock OpenWRT with default settings.

I believe that you could make amazing routers when you have the skills to make hardware tailored for the OpenWRT software.

It would be nice to hear from you what your plans is in regards to making OpenWRT fully functional, and in what state you are - so I can know if I should depend on you to make my routers or if I should look somewhere else.

Best regard Martin Maartensson

Supporting fully open source firmware is a good direction. We have this in some of the models e.g. AR750, AR750s, B1300.

But for MT1300 it will be difficult.

Not sure why ssh has problems. Do you mean the firmware from openwrt of our stock firmware?

Thanks for the reply.

I am surprised that MT1300 is not open source? Can you elaborate why this is the case and why it will be difficult to support?

Linksys WRT1900ACS is also not open source, yet it is possible to run a perfect version of OpenWRT on it because the community has developed it over time.

I only have your stock firmware. I tried to find a original version from OpenWRT, but I could not find anything for MT1300 on openwrt’s database.

Gl-inet is using MTK’s closed source proprietary drivers for Beryl and Mango. Vanilla openwrt is using opensource drivers, and it is unclear to me what that state of play is, so I follow why GL-inet is doing what they are doing.

Some of LuCI doesn’t work, as a result.

Also Wisp has to shut down to scan. Your 1900acs isn’t exactly a travel router and I suspect doesn’t have wisp to begin with, and it isn’t MTK.