Possible to tweak the Web Interface Files?

I want to start by saying that I :heart: GLinet routers, I own a couple of Mangos, Creta and now a Beryl, what I don’t love is to always have to fight for more space by uninstalling every possibly package I don’t use (I know about Extroot). I work as a web developer and have a experience with frontend optimization, I would love to be able to tweak the interface files to free up space without resorting to extroot and build my own firmware image for personal use, is that possible?

The Interface files may not takes a lot of space. You may need to compile your own firmware in order to free space.

The flash system is read only. So when you delete some files, they are still in the flash and no space is freed.

It was worth asking :smiley:, thanks for the explanation @alzhao, I’ll read more about building the firmware with a custom list of packages then :+1: