Possible to use a US MT1300 router in UK?

I have a GL-MT1300 that I purchased in the US. Firmware is 3.201

I am planning a trip to the UK next week (London area and Scotland).

Is it possible to use my MT1300 in the UK ?

This is a great little travel router and it has worked well all over the US, but it seems like the Wi-Fi frequencies / channels are different in Europe so I could get in trouble if my router broadcasts on the wrong frequencies.

Let me know if I can change a few settings and take this router on a trip.

This router is widely available and used here in the UK and so you should not have any problem.

DFS is disabled so it is safe to use in the UK

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Just because this device is available in the UK does not mean the configurations are identical.

I have read numerous articles about differences in the radio frequencies and/or channels used for Wi-Fi in US, UK and other countries. Using unauthorized/unlicensed radio frequencies could cause problems for neighbors, emergency services, and might not even work for me.

The MT1300 user interface doesn’t seem to include any option for changing country or location, so maybe it’s not possible. But, I really hope someone else has information about this.

By the way, I found these other questions about the same topic, but no solution:

Apparently this “travel” router is not suitable for international travel.

You may have read numerous articles but I have actually used plenty of there routers and can tell you that your fears are totally unfounded. The channels and frequencies used in these devices are compatible with the UK regs.