Possible to use the battery level indicators on MIFI for something else?

I’ve got a bunch of MIFI’s without the batteries, but would like to use the 4 little “battery level” LED’s to show LTE signal strength, as an example. Are they tied to GPIO or some kind of API?

If you bind GL-MiFi to GoodCloud, you can check LTE signal via GoodCloud.
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I would rather not connect it to a random cloud platform, are there other options?

The LED’s are tied directly to the battery management chip and are not controlled via software, so you won’t be able to change the function of the battery indicator LED’s without desoldering them or adding your own in place.

You can read the LTE signal via software, and then control one of the GPIO pins to a small Arduino such as a DigiSpark Pro or something tiny you can have inside the case, and place your LEDs where you like :slight_smile:

Thanks! I was hoping for a way to physically see the LTE signal on the MIFI itself without having to login to it, but I guess that’s not workable. It seems that QMI is a bit buggy, so I think I’ll need to use AT commands.