Power problems MIFI

Having used my Mifi for the first long vacation, I am having problems with the device randomly powering off, sometimes after 15 minutes sometimes I cannot even power it up again. There is no such issue when on external power. I am on board revision 2.4 with battery obviously and EC25-E modem, outside temp is 30 degrees C (Dutch caribbean) Any clue how to deal with this is greatly appreciated, because I cannot take the device out and about at the moment.

Are you using the old firmware v2.271?

Seems when signal is weak the modem draws too much current. Can you try the beta firmware v3.x from dl.gl-inet.com

If still cannot solve pls contact support at gl-inet.com and guys will help.

Thank you Mr Zhao. I updated to firmware 3008 which improved WiFi stability in my opinion however the power issue unfortunately remains. I will contact support.