Power supply form factor

This is a picture of my backpack for work. On the left hand you’ll see the Beryl with the power supply. It fits well, but the 90° plug of the power supply won’t fit well in any of my bags/flight cases.
I have some 180° (wall plug to usb outlet) power supply for my tablet, mobile, kindle. But none of them will deliver 3A.

It is not very important, but I like to address this issue here :slight_smile:

Why not change all power supply to one beefy with multiple outputs having USB PD?

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You want the 100w versions with 3 usb-c ports and 1 usb-a port, most likely, rather than the 65w 2/1 versions. Consider the versions that have slipon adapters for various plug configurations (US, EU, AU). At the same time, plan on buying new devices only with USB-c power.

Be aware, though, that the router will reboot whenever another device is plugged to the power plug as it redistributes its total output among the 4 outputs. Even two, though, will take up less space.

Thanks for the answers.

I do understand the advantage of 100W. But 3 (Port) / 100W(att) → 33,3W (each Port).
33,3W/5V(olt) = 6A(mpere) …

In this case, 65Watt are 15W more then enough. I don’t own a Tablet or Mobile with a power consumption >2,1A. Only my laptop would consume more.
It would be an improvement to charge the laptop and get rid of its own power supply.
But then I take a look at the pricing. 80 to 150 Euros.

Most time my Beryl will be mounted in my RV. At the moment I’m in the testing … I won’t buy a 100euro power supply for a 85euro device, for temporary use. And I do not have plans to replace my Nexus7 or FireTab 8HD (both MicroUSB)…

But, one day it will become handy. So recommendations of power supply without the reboot issue are welcome :slight_smile:

Yea, it doesn’t work that way though. The ports with PD negotiate a rate, and some get more than others. His laptop and her laptop plugged in. His phone and her phone. Her ipad, his headphones, her sleepbuds. The backup phone, the bedside fan, the travel router, and more. What about the kids? So it isn’t about the total power as much as it is how fast you can get one device fully charged so you can rotate in another.

I think the 3 port ones are 65, and the 4 port ones, same size, are 100. And the 1 port apple, twice the cost and thrice the size. The two I travel with I think I got for $50 each.