PPTP Gone?

Hi I have the

I Just Updated to V3.011
Its Easy on the EYE buy the PPTP VPN Option is Missing? Is that We can ADD or do i have to Revert BACK to OLD Firmware to use that?

Thank YOU

It has been removed in v3.0 firmare, as it is an old VPN protocol. Only support OpenVPN and WireGuard. If you want to set up PPTP or L2TP, you can set it up on Luci.

Thank You for Informing Me that.
i have no idea about Luci
is there a guide how i can Do it?
Or Shall i use the V2.271 as Normal for me as i need PPTP for Streams only.
Thank You

you can just download old firmware and flash it back.

When you go back to old firmware don’t keep settings.