PPTP not working on MT300A



I’ve tried in vain over the past day to get PPTP to work on my MT300A for my IPVanish VPN account. I know about the security issues but I just want it to stream video.

I’m using the latest 2.261 firmware and the GUI to enter the server, username and password details but it comes up on repeat:

Interface ‘VPN_client’ is setting up now
Interface ‘VPN_client’ is now down

I am forcing no internet if VPN is not connected and at least that is doing its job because I can’t access the internet. The wifi is on DHCP and uses google DNS.

OpenVPN work perfectly but I wanted to use PPTP for the lower impact on processing as I want to stream HD video.

Anyone successfully got it to work on the MT300A please?



I tried other vpn providers not IPVanish.

Is it possible because of the username/password? Can you try using a PC directly?


I have exactly the same problem - i use purevpn with a pptp login and get the same issue with the same error messages. Has anyone solved this please? The only way i got around it was to flash the router with DDWRT and use that - but the compatible DDWRT firmware does not support using the USB port on the MT300 for an internet dongle.