Problem after firmware upgrade


I have a GL-AR300M where I just updated the firmware from some version to 3.024.

Unfortunately I did not quite understand what exactly a firmware upgrade would do and so I lost a directory.

The thing is I used my router in the past like a small linux-system and created my own user “mh” with home-directory /home/mh where I put some scripts.

After the firmware-upgrade this directory is now gone.

However luci offers the option of reverting the firmware, so I assume somewhere there must be a backup of the old firmware still be available.

My questions:

  • where would I find this firmware-backup?
  • would this backup contain my /home/mh directory
  • would there be any way to mount this backup-file so that I would be able to access my old directory without having to revert it.

Many thanks!

Regret to tell that if /home/mh is not on external storage, it’s gone and can not be recovered. Flash storage is small and can not have many data, so upgrade even with keep setting will not care files except for config files like /etc/config.