Problem connecting to email server

I just connected my Turbo hotspot2 to my GL.iNet GL-MT1300. Everything works great except that my attempt at retrieving email doesn’t work. The pop server times out before connecting. SMTP works fine.
I would like to know what could be causing this issue. Thank you!

If you connect directly to the Turbo Hotspot 2, instead of the GL-MT1300, are you able to retrieve email from the POP server?

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Thank you for your reply. Either ways the results were the same. But 10 minutes ago I resolved the issue. On the Turbo Hotspot under the security tab, access to email is disabled by default (never saw info in the manual. I discovered it by fluke. Email is working fine now so is everything else passing through my GL-MT1300. Again thanks!

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