Problem with AR150 and OpenVPN


I have a Problem witth my AR150 (FW: 2.19) and OpenVPN. The AR150 could not connect to the VPN Server. I have a .ovpn File and a .pem CA-Cert.

This configuration works fine with OpenVPN for MacOSX (Tunnelblick) and OpenVPN Client for Android.

There is a “dev tap” in the .ovpn…

I am not the owner of the VPN Server.

Greetings from Germany


You may want to start with this note:

post 21236 on 6/11


I have read this. In this Thread it says to change the /etc/config/network entry

“config interface “VPN_client””.

from tun0 to tap0,

But this file has no such entry.



@Harlie, as you use tap and we don’t have such configuration for testing. If you can send me a real ovpn for testing, that would help. You can change your name, password and pem after the test.