Problem with GL-AR300m16-ext routers

We bought 10 GL-AR300m16-ext routers. All of them behave similarly:

  • No WiFi
  • When connected to LAN jack they acts as DHCP and assign the address to connected machine.
  • When try to open at we browser it asked for password. Empty password is not accepted, I’ve tried admin, 12345, but it doesn’t work. Router reset (pressing rest button for 10 seconds) does not change anything.

Here you can find the default password:

If the default password is not working, then you will have to do a factory reset

The goodlife password should be applied to WiFi connection not to web admin. However I tried the goodlife password on the admin page - it doesn’t work. And suggested factory reset didn’t help either, as I mentioned in my original post

Try installing a new firmware using Uboot

Here is the link for the firmware download: ( Are you sure that is AR300M16 and not AR300M?)

and here is how you install it using Uboot: