Problem with Local Network

Router: Beryl AX-3000
Version: 4.4.6

Sorry for the stupid question but I lack technical skills for networks.
I have an old router and two computers at home. I usually ssh into my Linux machine from my Mac like this ssh user@ip . Everything works on my old router, but when I switch to my Beryl I can’t even ping the IP of my linux machine. It says machine unreachable. Both are added to the same network, the vpn on the router is turned off, the IP’s are correct. No problem with the internet. Just the connection between the two machines.

Do you know any setting I have to turn off/on ?

How are you connected to the Beryl and how is the Beryl connected to the network?

The beryl is connected to my main router via LAN cable. It is connected because I have internet and works great. Just the machines in the local network can’t see each other in contrast when I connect them to my main router

Which port do you use on the Beryl? LAN or WAN?

I think @admon is asking if there’s any Wi-Fi in play. You shouldn’t have any trouble if you’re just using cables… provided the cables are spec’d & crimped properly, of course. Cat 5 or better, < 100 metres is the ‘rule of thumb’. I mention the spec & crimp requirement as there’s some pretty shoddy cables begin sold dirt cheap out there… for a reason.

IDK how you’d force a NIC to release, renew DHCP on OSX. In Windows it’d be ipconfig /renew for a GL default network range of

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Nah, I was more asking if the Beryl is used in routing mode (so WAN connected) or more like a bridge (LAN connected)

In any case, it might be helpful to get a graphical representation.

WAN I guess. I hope this helps. Ignore the VPN, it is connected atm but off during the tests.

In that case, you are using routing mode which will create a new network behind the Beryl.
That’s why devices in your LAN (in front of the Beryl) can’t find devices behind it.

Main question: What is your ultimate goal by using the Beryl?


Oh, snap! I missed the fact this is Double-NAT. I misread this as a straight up router swap.

Thanx for clarifying that @admon. I want use the Beryl to connect to networks when I am traveling. My main goal is to connect to a random network (best to use VPN on Beryl too if possible, because I use a dedicated NordVPN IP), and to have ssh access to my Linux from my Mac. I use the linux as server and I work on the Mac (better UI I guess). My vscode on linux is port forwarding some ports that I need for development (usually 8080, etc) and I need to access the linux from my Mac terminal, so I don’t work on the linux machine at all.