Problem with MT300A

My MT300A right now is connected to my primary router. MT300A WAN port to primary router LAN port. Everything is working perfect except when I plug my computer in to the MT300A’s LAN port then reboot the MT300A from the web user interface it does reboot but after that I can no longer connect to my MT300A and also there is no internet access. I can only resolve this by manually unplugging my computer from the MT300A’s LAN port then plugging it back again. Any suggestions?


I am running Windows 7 64bit on my computer and 2.20 firmware on my MT300A.

@Pori, I also replied you via email. MT300A has WAN and LAN port on the same network switch. When the system booting, this two port is bridged and your computer get IP from your main router automatically. After boot, MT300A will setup vlans and enable WAN and LAP port and your PC didn’t update its IP address. I will test using my windows to see if anything can be done.