Problem with mt300n v2, openvpn and vpn policy

Is anybody else having problem with mt300n v2 with openvpn and vpn policy?

I have mt300n v2 and using vpn and vpn policy so only netflix, their domain and their ip goes through vpn.
Using vpn policy and wireguard is flawless experience, unfortunately not so with openvpn.

When i connect openvpn and using vpn policy, it only connect once. If the openvpn is disconnect, i cannot reconnect it unless i revert firmware and resetting everything.

Is this a bug or do i have problem with my vpn provider?

OK, based on my unscientific try. if the openvpn disconnect, then if i want to have my openvpn-vpnpolicy working again then i have to do this step :

  1. Disconnect the openvpn
  2. turn off vpn policy
  3. connect openvpn
  4. turn on vpn policy

then it is working again. it’s a hassle, but for now i have to live with it because i don’t know any other router than can have vpn policy/split tunneling based on domain AND ip like gl-inet.

hopefully it can be patched in the next firmware.

ps : i have try 3.102 stable and 3.104 beta. it give same error.

another hassle is when open vpn connecting, the router turn off it’s lan/or wifi for 3-5 second so i cannot see full log of openvpn connection.

I used to have the same problem on my Mango and Brume routers. However, for some reason things went back to normal. I also had to do the steps in your second post, but now whenever I restart the routers or disconnect/connect OpenVPN with policies, things just connect. You should note however that sometimes after a restart it can take a few minutes (about 3 to 5) to connect properly.

P.S. On the Mango I’m on firmware 3.102 and on the Brume on 3.104.

It seem the is a problem between VPN policy and openvpn. If i turnoff vpn policy then restart the device, most of the time the openvpn is working perfectly and it can be connect-disconnect-reconnect the vpn flawlessly.

i can only hope that next firmware update will fix the problem.

Yes, I can confirm the same problem on my Brume running 3.104 with adguard firmware.

I’m not sure this is a VPN Policy problem, as I have similar on my AR300M but have never used any policies.

I’ll test it and get back to you.