Problem with Tor (AR300m)

I flashed the latest Tor firmware and it failed to detect my 4g USB modem that I use via tethering.
It is detected and works great in the main firmware.

We didn’t maintain Tor firmware anymore. You can upgrade to v3.x firmware, and set up tor by manual.

Please refer to Using Tor on GL.iNet’s mini-routers.

Thanks for your reply. I followed the guide. says I’m not connected to tor. However when I connect my clients through socks proxy they successfully connect to tor.
Another weird issue: USB tethering no longer works.

When you change to Tor firmware, don’t reserve settings which may break the routing. Can you please check if this is the reason.

I unchecked keep settings when flashing. The problem is still there.

The Tor firmware use the switch button to control if your data goes through Tor.

Can you please check the switch is on the LEFT side?

Even on the default firmware?