Problems configuring GL-MT300N-v2 (Mango) as Wi-Fi repeater

I’m having trouble configuring my GL-MT300N-V2 (Mango) as a Wi-Fi repeater. I have a power monitoring box (IotaWatt) connected to the electrical panel in the garage. It is at the very end of my home Wi-Fi network (Legoland). The IotaWatt reports an RSSI of between -85 and -98. So I need a repeater / extender for reliable operation.

The Mango is 20 feet from the IotaWatt. Using NetSpot on a laptop, the Legoland signal strength is about -65 and the Mango signal strength is about -35. I can detach IotaWatt from the Legoland network, power off, restart, search for new network and connect. But IotaWatt still connects to the original Legoland home network and not the more powerful Mango Legoland network. With an RSSI of -85, it is hard to keep a reliable connection.

I have configured the Mango via step 2 / Connect via Wi-Fi, with connection to home network (Legoland). In More Settings / Network Mode section, I selected Extender and entered Legoland as the network and the Legoland password. Other in the IotaWatt forum are using he Mango in Access Point mode and say it works fine. Im trying to go wireless because it will be very difficult to get Cat 5 cable in the garage.

I must be missing something,

Any help or comments are greatly appreciated. I’m very new to networking, so stating the obvious is OK.


Does anyone have experience using the GL MT300N-V2 as a WiFi repeater / expander? Im still needing help configuring mine to work with IotaWatt.

It is my understanding that I enter the home network SSID and Password in the Mode Switch Expander configuration screen. Is this correct? My home network is Legoland.
Thanks for any help or comments.