Problems to get WIFI via Router

Good afternoon,

I got a Mifi with the EP06 modem and I moved housed, and now I want to use the router again. I am not able to get any internet via the router.

The PWR light is on and then LAN/WIFI (are blinking) also. 3G/4G isn’t turned on.

When I try to open a website I get a DNS error.

When I check the router, connected via ethernet cable to computer and on another internet connection, I go to the Internet section (on router). the dot before the 3G/4G router is orange. I don’t know if this should be green?

The sim card is working in my telephone so that shouldn’t be the problem.

Does somebody maybe know what the problem can be?

Thank you,

The orange dot means 3G/4G cannot connect to the carrier network. Two possible reasons: 1. You moved location and the signal is not as good as before (at least to X750); 2. The SIM card may not contact good.

Here is what you can try:

  • Power off, re-insert the SIM card and power on again.
  • Reset the modem from the UI and wait several minutes

If this does not work, please try some AT command from the UI, e.g. network info and signal info etc. then post the log here.

Hi Alzhao,

I tried the 2 suggestion options but without luck :frowning:

Below the commands that I have used and the results hope this will help finding the problem:

AT commands used:

check signal quality:

+CSQ: 15,99


Request network information

+QNWINFO: No Service


Request QCCID

+QCCID: 89314228003001072247


Operator names:

+QCCID: 89314228003001072247


Request SIM card status



Thank you for your time

Can you please try another SIM card? Just to make sure it is not the contact from the current SIM and device.

This seems stupid but sometime it helps!

Hi Alzhao,

I tried another one same result. I also tried the first sim card (that was working before) but that one also doesn’t work.
Contact also the provider if the card is correct (compatible with 4g router) and that is also the case.

Hope you have some other “solution”.

Thank you

when I add the sim card the light from 3g/4g is on for a sec. but after that it stays off

You cannot insert SIM card when the router is powered on. Hotplug and play does not work.

As supported in private channel, the SIM card has a pin code which causing the mifi cannot determine carrier info.

After input pincode everything is OK.