Proxicast ANT-121-M44 with Spitz AX?

Have you verified the Proxicast ANT-121-M44 antenna should work with the Spitz AX? Looks ok, seems 1/2 price of MobileMark.


Spec sheet

600-6000 MHz - all 4G & 5G Sub-6 (FR1) Bands
including FirstNet and CBRS (OnGo)

We didn’t test this antenna before, but from the antenna spec, it should work fine with Spitz AX.

Thanks. I’ll post if I decide to buy it.

@KevinD Did you buy this proxicast antenna? How did it work on the Spitz? What was your speed improvements?

No. We are fairly stationary with decent TMobile, Verizon, and Starlink. Maybe I’ll investigate again before we really get on the road full-time.