Puli & Zigbee


I’m interested in the PULI lte router with zigbee module.
On Amazon Italy i can find these 2 variants, with Quectel EC25 and EP06,
but they don’t seem to support zigbee.
Is it an optional module to buy apart and install inside the device?
Is it an usb external dongle?

I’m interested in a product having:

  • lte connectivity
  • the ability to monitor some zigbee sensors
  • (optionally) some hours of battery backup to recognize and notify power loss
    In case of a prolonged power outage, if the battery goes down, what happen
    on power return? Does the device starts automatically?
  • the ability to add some simple monitoring app

The puli device seems to fullfills all my requrements, however I’m in doubt about
if with 128mb ram there is still room for a small custom monitoring app,
and eventually run an mqtt broker (eg. mosquitto)

Best regards

It does not have Zigbee module yet.

Running mqtt broker may be possible but the RAM is very limited. We used S1300 for this purpose and it works OK.