[Q] Samba USB Drive


I’ve been able to use an old 256mb MSDOS FAT-16 usb flash drive with my GLI AR150.

However, I have now purchased a 64gb MSDOS FAT-32 usb flash drive and whilst it displays the drive name, it does not allow me to view existing files / add new ones?

Is this a common issue / are there any steps I need to take to get it working?


Seems it has a problem with 64GB drive. Can you try 32GB?

You can also try NTFS.

I have an older 64GB PNY USB 2.0 stick formatted NTFS which works fine.

I do have an issue with a newer USB 2.0 16GB drive formatted FAT-32 that is not seen, but a smaller 4GB works fine. I have not tried to reformat the device as yet from the factory delivered formatting.

Just a suggestion, but I’ve always used EXT4 File System (Made for linux) and have never had a problem.