[Q] Wireless Settings

Hey, I’ve got a couple of questions about my GL-AR150.

The router seems to default to 72M, rather than 150M. Is there a reason for this? Are there are any disadvantages to setting it to the full 150M?

Also, what does the DDNS do? My DDNS always states that it is offline and I don’t see any option to turn it on.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You probably behind a firewall so your router is not accessible from the Internet. The ddns will resolve to your public IP and port.

About 72M and 150M, actually there is a reason. In 150M you need to use HT40 and use an extra channel. If the channels are too crowded and the wifi may automatically revert back to 72M. But you can force it to work on two channel, and it violates regulations.

This is not an important reason though.