Question about Beryl AX as Repeater with Wireguard Client enabled

Hi! I am wondering partly out of curiosity & to make sure Ive set up my Beryl AX right as my technical knowledge is limited. I set up the Beryl AX in my apartment and its network mode is in Router mode. I then connected it to the internet via my apartment’s main wifi by Repeater. I also enabled Wireguard Client via AzireVPN and it is set up as a Global Proxy.

My goal with BerylAX is to have a private internet connection by connecting my devices to Beryl wifi as opposed to my apartment’s main wifi. With all this enabled, have I accomplished this?

Also out of curiosity, Im wondering how this actually works and how it routes traffic from my apartment’s main wifi to Beryl wifi, and what Beryl would show up as under my apartment’s wifi (if that makes sense)?

Thanks so much for any knowledge or advice!!

It sounds like you have accomplished that. To confirm, open and it should show different IP addresses between when WireGuard is turned on and turned off.

The Beryl establishes a bidirectional connection to the apartment main wifi router and the apartment main wifi router establishes a bidirectional connection to the Internet site. The apartment main wifi router will see the Beryl as a LAN client device.

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Thanks so much for this info

What is it that you need your appartement’s main WiFi for? Why not just remove that from the equation altogether and let the Beryl handle your network? Double NATing is never a good thing.

Can Beryl connect to the internet by itself? I thought it would need to connect by repeater to an existing wifi network for internet. If there’s an alternate route you’d recommend Id be super interested, thanks!

What is the make/model of your apartment’s main wifi router? Is it from your ISP, or do you own it?

For a number of years, my own setup is double-NAT with my own router connected to the ISP router. I have not encountered any issues and it provides 2 layers of firewall.