Question About OpenVPN Client on GL-MT1300


I just purchased a GL-MT1300 and I plan to use it as both a regular simple router (WAN wired connection to a cable modem, etc and WiFi to clients) as well as a OpenVPN client.

I have configured the OpenVPN Client under the ‘VPN’ tab and when I click the ‘Enable’ button, I can confirm that it does connect to my VPN server at the far end. The problem is that under the ‘System’ tab, I have configured the ‘Toggle Button Settings’ for 'OpenVPN Client (On/Off), but when I power off the router, slide the physical toggle button to the left, then power on the router, it does not automatically connect to the VPN. However, if I go into the VPN tab and click ‘Enable’, it does connect.

So just to recap, here is what I’m looking for:

  • With the router powered off and the physical VPN toggle button to the Right (the OFF position), if I power on, it is just a regular old access point with WiFi to surf the net to the clients [this works].
  • Then, if the router is powered off, I slide the physical VPN toggle button to the Left (the ON position), then when the router is powered back up, it will connect to the the OpenVPN server at the far end [this does ‘not’ work].

Thanks in advance!

Even if you move the button when the router is off, it should take effect because the router should detect the button position when it boot.

So it seems a bug. Can you let me know your firmware version?

Hello, thank you for getting back to me… here are the versions:

  • firmware version 4.3.7
  • OpenWrt 22.03.4 r20123-38ccc47687
  • 5.10.176

Just verified. Stupid bug. Will fix in next version.

Now pls move the switch when the router is on.


Thank you for this… are you saying that in my current version with the bug:

  • Unplug router
  • VPN switch set to ‘off’
  • power on router and wait until fully booted.
  • then, if you slide the VPN switch to ‘on’, that the VPN should connect?

If you slide the switch when the router is ON, it will work correctly.

Great, thank you for confirming.