Question about which IP to use for port forwarding - wiregaurd

Hi Everyone,

I am almost done setting up my VPN. I had a question about which IP I should be using on port forwarding rules on my main router. If I use my IP (public) it will change I believe at some point which will eventually block me. Do I Use the IP that is in the wiregaurd section of the admin page on my main routers port forwarding rules? I am a bit confused on this topic.

Is there another router above your wireguard server router? Or is it already going to the modem

You need to assign a static IP to your wireguard server router, so that it doesn’t get another IP

that is correct. I have a router above the wiregaurd server router. I see a bunch of options for my MAC address. Does it matter which one I select? I am connecting via PPPoe to my main router.

Is it strange that I don’t have port forwarding rules at all but my wiregaurd client is able to connect?

What device is the server and what device is the client ?

GL-AR750S-Ext / Slate - Server
My Cellphone is the client for testing but also I have another slate that will be the client when I travel.

Oh I see, don’t know what is your configuration, but I always needed to forward the ports on my main router to the glinet router

Pls post some screenshot of your main router’s admin panel and GL router admin panel and it will help greatly.