Question on setup - connect to VPN set up in a Repeater

I currently have a Home Router which I cannot access and I plan to create a setup where I can remotely connect to a VPN connected to this Home Router.

For that, I’m thinking of buying a GL-Inet Flint (GL-AX1800) as the “Home2 region router” and a Slate (GL-AR750S) as the Mobile travel router.

Would that be possible:

  1. Use the current Home Router and connect GL Inet Flint as a Repeater (since I can’t access to bridge or Port forward)
  2. Create VPN (WireGuard Server) in GL Inet Flint acting as a Repeater
  3. Connect Slate Travel Router to (2)

Thanks in advance

Your main router must have a Internet IP. ipreferably should be a static Internet IP or use DDNS. And you need to forward the port used by the WireGuard Server on Flint through the main router.

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Try using Astrorelay:

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