Question on Stock for Domino Tiles

I was wondering when there might be additional stock of domino pi tiles. I (stupidly) thought the single ethernet port would be good enough, but the dual ethernet is much easier to work with due to having a wan and lan port by default. Take my money?

We have some stock and we will put on webstore asap.
Also we have finished 2nd production run of Domino Cores and they will be out soon.

@alzhao Do you have a list of things that will be in stock? Also how soon should we expect them? I checked today and everything still seems to be out stock.

Larry, we will put stock on this website, not website. We will redesign website later.

We have stock of Domino Core and all boards in Domino Pi series. But no Domino Qi.

@alzhao I’m confused, where can we buy boards from if you have stock? I checked your eBay and Amazon stores but there’s nothing Domino-related. A link would be helpful.


@larry, actually, you can just click “Shop” without going to ebay and amazon.

OK. We added “Buy here”, just to make it obvious