Question regarding the Dynamic DNS

Hi, can anybody explain me?
I can not primarily install Dynamic DNS,
because double nat or so:

How I see the router can be managed with goodcloud.
But what is there if I connect over ?
Can anyone post a Picture, Maybe?
I know the normal usage is for a port of a device,
and second questioned is this a possibility to have Access on files in my file sharing?
Is Access of wan sharing of files included, … .?

thanks for answers

Let’s break down your questions:

  1. If double NAT you can still use ddns via port forward. But you need a public IP.

  2. You set up management via GoodCloud. This does not relate to ddns.

  3. File sharing is only in local network. You can share on WAN, and access files in the storage connected to the router. This does not relate to ddns and GoodCloud as well.

Not sure what kind of pic you need.