Questions about B1300

Hi @alzhao and other gl-inet staff.

Please answer these questions (contemplating placing a big order for many B1300):

  1. What is the WLAN > LAN throughput on B1300? If using stock firmware I assume you use proprietary QCA drivers? Eg if B1300 using stock firmware, connected to fiber line with 800mbps, how fast can WLAN feed? I saw from another answer that it can do wired speeds upto 900mbps, what about wireless?

  2. What about openwrt? whats the WLAN throughput?

  3. I saw your github there’s some bits from sdk, lets say I need the full potential of hardware due to fast connections, so if opensource ath10k is not fast enough and I want to use QCA drivers, but still compile my own openwrt so I add custom packages, can I do that?
    Meaning can you release the binary drivers for current openwrt release?


I can answer #3, you can build your own firmware with custom packages using the imagebuilder here:

There are some examples in the description how to use it.

So it would be the same as the stock firmware in regards to performance, but with any changes you want to make. Apart from packages you can overwrite files and configurations as you please.

  1. WLAN can reach up to 600Mbps during out test.

  2. It is openwrt and what is the different from Q1?

  3. You can do as @Johnex said, but if you are a business buyer, just talk with us directly via email.

Thanks @Johnex and @alzhao

I would rather use vanilla OpenWrt, however from my understanding ath10k (the opensource driver) doesn’t perform as fast as Qualcomm proprietary drivers.

Am I correct in assuming that the 600Mbps figure is using ath10k opensource drivers?
I was under the impression the stock Gl.Inet firmware used closed qca drivers.
Please clear this up for me. If it can do 600Mbps using ath10k (ie with vanilla openwrt) then it fits my needs.

Quite surprising, I tested the ipq806x platform on OpenWrt and it can’t get those high numbers (unless using stock firmware or modified old Lede 17.01 and activating NSS cores/co-processors to accelerate traffic)…

Lastly I thought having the discussion here would be nice for:

  1. Talking to tech team directly.
  2. Having answers ready for others that might be interested in B1300.


600Mbps Qualcomm wifi drivers. Ath10k can only achieve 400Mbps, maybe. Not quite sure.