Questions on internet kill switch

glconfig.general.safe_mode=‘1’ do I also need to do a “service firewall restart” or “network restart”?

what I’m trying to accomplish is use the switch or any time openvpn is enabled safe mode is also enabled and when the vpn is disabled either throught web admin or switch safe mode is automatically disabled

edit; this post had too much incorrect info from OP and had to be corrected

Internet kill switch stops Data. No data is forwarded to wan when enforced.

For DNS maybe it is not taken care of that. I filed a bug internally. Pls note DNS and vpn are on two different channel and need to deal with differently.

To find out the settings, you need to check /etc/config/glconfig

re-tested and you are correct. not sure what went wrong but again you are correct. data is dropped not just 53 redirect