Radio drop on OVPN connection

Is there a reason why when adding a new config and connecting to VPN the radio often drops (wireless disconnects) and have to reconnect again?

Is this by design / more of a bug? (Tried with both Nord config files and Pure and seeing similar behaviour) - on GL2.27 (2.x firmware) this doesn’t happen but other than this issue 3.x firmware is much better.

This should only happen on some models to prevent data leak.

BTW we are optimizing this so that wifi will not restart when start vpn.

I also have observed something similar on a BRUME (no WiFi). I have one PC that goes through the VPN client and another PC that is excluded in the policy. When I disconnect the VPN client (to change server) the PC with no VPN experiences packet loss while the router ends the VPN and reestablishes a new connection. I now rarely dare to change the VPN client in fear to cause disconnections on the PC that des not and should not go through the VPN.

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I’m assuming it happens on MT300N-v2 and AR300M as that’s devices I’ve been testing with. Is this something that will be in version 3.105?

Look forward to that being optimised :slight_smile:

Is it possible for me to modify a script on the device to prevent this disconnection from happening?

At the moment I go to a new office / public, connect to router → Pair with WiFI (connection drops) → Reconnect in WiFi Settings → Connect to VPN (connection drops) → Sometimes have to wait for it to show back up in WiFi Settings → Reconnect and verify connection

It makes it a bit fiddly with two radio disconnects just to connect to VPN in a new place. Makes sense that the radio may disconnect to join new AP, but VPN not ideal. Is it possible for me to modify script on my own device?

Yes. This is something we are solving.