Range of AR300M-Lite & MT300N

Hi There, I have searched the web and can’t find any information about the range these devices are capable of reaching.

Is anyone able to share what range these 2 devices are capable of reaching? (I appreicate different Environments impact the range).

Any help is greatly appreciated

They are both nominally the same maximum output power but are very different chip sets.
Personally I have had two AR300M’s communicating easily in clear direct line of sight at a range of 200 metres.
Indoors this is very different and depends on so many things. Old buildings tend to be better than newer in my experience.
I have replaced a couple of old MT300N (version 1) with AR300Ms. The coverage in a fairly modern building, between numerous walls was dramatically improved over the MT300Ns, presumably the receive sensitivity is better? This might of course be reversed in different building construction/layout situations as this was by no means a scientific test. Just my experience in specific cases.